Sunday, March 29, 2009

chilling too late...

what ABOUT bed? eh... not tonight.

working on two new ones. that brings the total of new tracks up to 9 for "real" tracks", and 18 for total new ones.

need to get some feedback on these songs... but i just keep tweaking.

started listening to last step a bit... and christ. not bad... not inspiring, but definitely some good listening. also, the national and future kings of england. very good stuff. i got one of the national's older albums (alligator), more raw and crazy... but i love it still.

my taxes or done... my headphones are on, all is good in the world tonight.

does anyone else listen to music out there? how about some more suggestions!!!


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Unknown said...

Sounds good, man, I'd like to take a listen if you want to send some over.

You'll probably want to puke at hearing this, though I've been listening to the latest Prodigy a fair amount lately ("Invaders Must Die"). I wasn't into it at first, but there's enough of the sounds of "The Experience" in it the more I got into it, which is some epic (albeit rather silly) stuff in my mind. Lots of high energy craziness.

Hive's "Working with Sound" is a bit older (~1999), but I hadn't heard it before and it's pretty brilliant in a number of ways. It's been a treat for me.

Murcof's "Martes" is a bit low/slow, though I like what he's trying to do; the soundscapes are pretty legit and the use of instruments is very well done.

Deadbeat's "Roots and Wire" is another great listen, if you haven't already heard it. I'm not as much a fan of his older work, though this is sort of a Basic Channel attempt with a fresh face that really works, IMO.

On the classical end, I'm a big fan of Bartok lately, esp. w/ his string quartet numbers. Reich's "Drumming" and percussion works by Xenakis are also pretty important baseline listens.

2562's "Aerial" and "Cyclical" by iTAL tEK are some other aces that I picked up in the past few months..