Sunday, May 31, 2009

new studio is up and running

its not easy rebuilding your studio. and, of course, there are still some things i need to do. but most importantly, i am making music. the new studio is perfect so far. eons better than what i previously had. i had been slowly building it for the past few months and now it's finally there.

this weekend i wrote two new tracks, which, in my mind, are better than anything i've written in the past month. i will post links soon, as soon as i can publish them to the website.

anyone interested in a direct link, or for the tracks sent via email, just let me know.

also been learning the ropes of ableton live, for the purposes of playing live DJ sets. this has been amazing, eye opening and SO much fun. thanks to encanti for all his help. hopefully i'll be playing out soon.

cheers all,


gibsonmeigs said...

Not a bad idea to post these to FB for the exposure, but I stopped my double-posting when FB changed their TOS to say, basically, that anything on their site can be used by them for any reason whenever. Not sure exactly where this ended up, but you may want to be careful if you post any of your music here that it doesn't end up there as well... unless, of course, you're not worried about the music you post. Anyways, just an FYI.

Excited to hear some new toons!

Unknown said...

ya, ditto to the above comment. Facebook does provide a lot more exposure in some ways, but the way they take the content and keep it for themselves doesn't jive with me too well. I keep thinking of going back and re-inserting it, but I haven't yet and I'll probably keep it that way. .. it did, however, alert me to the new location of the site, which I hadn't caught otherwise :P