Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OUT NOW: Noah23 vs Vermin Street EP, Featuring Vinyl Blight, Mochipet, Dsub, Innerfuze, Paranoid Zen and Arcrunner

Today is the day!!!  I've had the good fortune to be invited, along with my Vermin Street label mates, to remix Vinyl Blight vs Noah23's Blackstone.  What we have put together is an absolutely banging EP that runs the genre-gamut from hip-hop to industrial to IDM to drum & bass.  My personal contribution to this EP is an "old-school" 808-influenced glitch-hop track, sitting along side the Vinyl Blight/Noah23 original mix, and remixes by Dsub, Mochipet, Paranoid Zen and Arcrunner.  I'm very excited for this one...

Check it out, exclusively at

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