Tuesday, February 15, 2011

some great new albums

i've been less than inspired by a lot of music that came out last year. but february has torn the lid of it with it's barrage of new releases! of note:

- Seefeel, self-titled album: released last week, now holding down the top spot in my musical rotation this week. first couple of listens might make you think there is something wrong with what you're hearing... but this is what i've missed for a long time, a true "headphone album". clear away some time, close your eyes, and fire this one through the 'ol rubber veins... it's really amazing.

- Autechre, EPs 1991-2002: one of my all-time favorite electronic music production outfits, Autechre have inspired, in very large part, my own body of work, my DESIRE to make music and my overall love for electronic music itself. forget all conventions, forget what you know, autechre writes all-original, mind-blowing music... not "electronic music", and VERY far from "club music", but BEAUTIFUL, incredibly well produced MUSIC! i'd have to call myself one of the people disappointed by their more recent releases, however... and so i'm very happy to see this new collection of old works done between 1991 and 2002, which is absolutely the years of their best work, in my opinion. i just downloaded the collection, a bunch of which i already have, but am very excited to hear it (again and anew).

- PJ Harvey, Let England Shake: released today! what a day to celebrate (heehee, if you don't get that joke, don't worry). PJ Harvey is a very odd bird, no two ways. i have no idea what to expect from this one, and i've been cautious not to read reviews, or listen to the single... just stayed WAY out of this one. each release of hers seems to have little bearing on the next, some are more stellar than others, but all are original and all are unforgettably full of the beautiful little wonder we all have grown to love in Polly Jean Harvey. i just dropped this album onto my MP3 player, and i'm wondering who is going to get the first listen... pj or ae?

- Radiohead, King of Limbs: this saturday, it's out. how ANYONE doesn't have a sincere, real opinion, like it or not, about radiohead is beyond me. no single band, in my opinion, has done more to progress modern music than radiohead. what are they these days? electronic? band? insane? yes! yes to all, and all that and then some. i'd heard rumblings of this album coming out, but, WAMMO, here it is, out of the blue, and, yup, i've pre-ordered. no idea what to expect... but here is a band that hasn't produced a SINGLE album that i don't love like my own family... needless to say, i'm feeling pretty happy to hear what's in store.

WHEW! a lot to listen to this month!!! and months and months of inspiration are sure to follow... how would that be for you? some new innerfuze influenced by a blend of seefeel, ae, pj and radiohead? i'll take it!

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gibsonmeigs said...

I've got a Autechre Pandora station playing at work today. Good stuff so far, feeding my weakness for the earlier electronic music. Thanks for sharing!