Thursday, September 8, 2011

innerfuze - disaster

i wrote this track at the tail end of a really productive period of music writing for me, where i was focusing on writing a lot of tracks with a bit more dance floor appeal than normal. this was because i was DJ'ing a bit more at the time and also hoping the dance floor-ish stuff would win me over some new fans. that's not exactly the kind of music i like to write regularly, however (once in a while, i really like to still though), and i wrote a few pieces like this one that broke away from that mode i was in.

this one is a purely emotional studio piece, one i wrote with no expectations of where it would go or what i would do with it; just writing purely for the love of making music.

i used a lot of different elements here, camel audio's alchemy, humanoid sound system's scanned synth (if you haven't checked out scanned synthesis, check it out, cool concept), NIs massive (a regular in most of my productions), paper's albino and predator, fxpansion's fusor/stobe (from the DCAM synth squad. drums were first and foremost (as always) fxpansion's geist with a kit is use quite a bit (you'll recognize the reverse snare lead-in to the kick in a LOT of my work) and some sampled loops chopped up in battery here and there.

all in all, i don't think this one is over the top. i think it builds some good emotional tension and draws you in, doesn't ever blow your mind, but keeps you in that emotional place for the duration. looking back, i do like it.

disaster by innerfuze

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