Friday, September 2, 2011


ahhhh, life is good.  my son is 6 weeks old today and the most beautiful little handful on the planet.

i must say i am sincerely enjoying being a father; through all the countless surprises and learning experiences to the very things i have been looking forward to in the 10 months leading up to this.

the baby certainly does take up most of my free time these days and so i haven't really gotten back into the habit of making music yet.  as hard as that was for me to imagine before he was born (it's amazing how the ways you tell yourself you're going to feel/be before you have a child change after you actually do have a child) i am certainly fine with things as they are now.  i know soon i'll be back at it.  i've had some time to put down a few ideas here and there to keep the mind fresh, but no significant song writing has taken place.

the one thing i have made time for is running.  this is absolutely the best way to keep myself in shape, both physically and mentally and, of course, i love it.  right now i'm putting together a training program for the burlington marathon next spring, which should be quite fun.  a couple friends and i have been writing about that and some other things on another blog.

soon i'll be posting a flood of tracks to my soundcloud page, first to post a few that i never got around to finishing (and probably never will) but still like for one reason or another and secondly, for the new stream of tracks that i'll soon be writing.  i must say, the new ideas i've put down are quite a bit different from the older stuff.  i'm very much looking forward to the shift in style, towards what i would call "headphone music".

anyway, i'm very much appreciative that people are still into the track washed out and i've been quite surprised at the reaction it has gotten.  part of me still feels like it's a bit of a fluke, but the feedback and support i've gotten for it has been great.  i still very much like the track myself, so it's all the more personal and satisfying.

until next time, cheers!

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