Monday, July 19, 2010

back on the guitar

a few years ago, i got my first guitar.  i found that while i was making music, taking a break to just sit and pluck the strings of a guitar gave me great inspiration.  a couple of years after i got it i started taking lessons and realized what a great instrument the guitar really is.  i use it, from time to time, in the tracks i create.  in recent times, i haven't played much...  but the other day i fixed my guitar up, tuned it and have been playing again.  feel great!  glad to have it back.

when i work, i love to see my niece

it's amazing having such an incredibly beautiful and intelligent 3 year-old niece.  she has more of a personality than i do and she is still so young.  she lives with my sister and brother in law, both of whom i love so much, out in vancouver.  since i never get to see them (or rarely, anyway), my sister made a calendar of my niece that i love looking at while i'm at work: