Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fridom - mellow work in progress

been spending quite a bit of time doing other things lately, primarily being a new daddy and running like crazy, getting in shape for the burlington marathon.  still finding the time to kick back and twist some knobs though.  i miss the regular writing with the goal of coming up with finished tracks, but revel in the laid back nature of writing a track for no other reason than to get lost in it for a bit.

i'm not 100% sure what this track is, but i will say i've enjoyed working on it so far.  it's got a nice mellow atmosphere... it probably gets repetitive a bit, but i haven't put a whole lot of time into it yet.  it's a bit different from the stuff i normally put up, maybe more accessible and structured.  passing it along now before it gets dusted over...


Thursday, February 16, 2012

feeling good

sitting in the studio tonight, 24 tracks of all-original madness sitting on my screen, build up from nothing over 2 hours.  it feels so good to sit here and write a track just for the purpose of letting what's inside come out...  it doesn't matter if i finish, it doesn't matter what happens next...  it only matters to be here, right now, writing this track, feeling good.

(and reminding myself about it with this post)