Thursday, September 8, 2011

innerfuze - disaster

i wrote this track at the tail end of a really productive period of music writing for me, where i was focusing on writing a lot of tracks with a bit more dance floor appeal than normal. this was because i was DJ'ing a bit more at the time and also hoping the dance floor-ish stuff would win me over some new fans. that's not exactly the kind of music i like to write regularly, however (once in a while, i really like to still though), and i wrote a few pieces like this one that broke away from that mode i was in.

this one is a purely emotional studio piece, one i wrote with no expectations of where it would go or what i would do with it; just writing purely for the love of making music.

i used a lot of different elements here, camel audio's alchemy, humanoid sound system's scanned synth (if you haven't checked out scanned synthesis, check it out, cool concept), NIs massive (a regular in most of my productions), paper's albino and predator, fxpansion's fusor/stobe (from the DCAM synth squad. drums were first and foremost (as always) fxpansion's geist with a kit is use quite a bit (you'll recognize the reverse snare lead-in to the kick in a LOT of my work) and some sampled loops chopped up in battery here and there.

all in all, i don't think this one is over the top. i think it builds some good emotional tension and draws you in, doesn't ever blow your mind, but keeps you in that emotional place for the duration. looking back, i do like it.

disaster by innerfuze

Friday, September 2, 2011


ahhhh, life is good.  my son is 6 weeks old today and the most beautiful little handful on the planet.

i must say i am sincerely enjoying being a father; through all the countless surprises and learning experiences to the very things i have been looking forward to in the 10 months leading up to this.

the baby certainly does take up most of my free time these days and so i haven't really gotten back into the habit of making music yet.  as hard as that was for me to imagine before he was born (it's amazing how the ways you tell yourself you're going to feel/be before you have a child change after you actually do have a child) i am certainly fine with things as they are now.  i know soon i'll be back at it.  i've had some time to put down a few ideas here and there to keep the mind fresh, but no significant song writing has taken place.

the one thing i have made time for is running.  this is absolutely the best way to keep myself in shape, both physically and mentally and, of course, i love it.  right now i'm putting together a training program for the burlington marathon next spring, which should be quite fun.  a couple friends and i have been writing about that and some other things on another blog.

soon i'll be posting a flood of tracks to my soundcloud page, first to post a few that i never got around to finishing (and probably never will) but still like for one reason or another and secondly, for the new stream of tracks that i'll soon be writing.  i must say, the new ideas i've put down are quite a bit different from the older stuff.  i'm very much looking forward to the shift in style, towards what i would call "headphone music".

anyway, i'm very much appreciative that people are still into the track washed out and i've been quite surprised at the reaction it has gotten.  part of me still feels like it's a bit of a fluke, but the feedback and support i've gotten for it has been great.  i still very much like the track myself, so it's all the more personal and satisfying.

until next time, cheers!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

who do you make music for?

it's been a long while since i wrote music in earnest.

i've had so much on my mind, primary trying to learn everything i can about the new man i am to become any day now: dad.

yes, it's weeks, maybe just days away at this point; the birth of my beautiful son.

you can forgive me for not making music for the past few months in preparation, i'm sure....  but, trust me, i've so deeply longed for the release of writing a song it has been hard to fathom not doing so.  i just plain haven't had the time, being so occupied with what is the most important event of my life so far (and possible at all!).

but tonight, maybe the calm before the storm, things sort of settled down.  i had a few moments to myself, and before you know it, i was at the keyboard, writing away.

in my mind, i was picturing my son on my lap, my life to be.  loving this little being so much, trying so hard to write something that won't hurt his ears, will make him smile, make him feel the love i have for him; just make him feel ANYTHING...  i've written a lot of tunes in my days, but no pleasure has come close to the pleasure of writing like this.

i don't know what it will sound like to you (and i will share it, letting you know when i do), but i really love it... i just love this process, this feeling.

i have a inkling it's going to be the most beautiful period of music writing ever for innerfuze, or eric, or whomever i become during the newest stage of my life...

primarily, dad!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Snake Charmer

my third day on the job;
a snake charmer with no charm.
swollen snake bites up and down
my now cartoonish looking arm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

innerfuze on the radio

i'd have to admit, it's quite nice thinking that simon raymonde of the cocteau twins (who also founded bella union records, known for fleet foxes, beach house, andrew bird, etc) heard my track and liked it enough to play it on his radio show:

the track is called "washed out" (not to be confused with the artist by that name), probably one of my favorite innerfuze tracks (and for sale on iTunes).

you can listen to the full track here:

too bad he mixed up the title and artist.  oh well!!  still cool to me!!  thanks for finding this nick!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011


The sound of fingers on a guitar, moving from one chord to the next, reverbed X 1000.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

some great new albums

i've been less than inspired by a lot of music that came out last year. but february has torn the lid of it with it's barrage of new releases! of note:

- Seefeel, self-titled album: released last week, now holding down the top spot in my musical rotation this week. first couple of listens might make you think there is something wrong with what you're hearing... but this is what i've missed for a long time, a true "headphone album". clear away some time, close your eyes, and fire this one through the 'ol rubber veins... it's really amazing.

- Autechre, EPs 1991-2002: one of my all-time favorite electronic music production outfits, Autechre have inspired, in very large part, my own body of work, my DESIRE to make music and my overall love for electronic music itself. forget all conventions, forget what you know, autechre writes all-original, mind-blowing music... not "electronic music", and VERY far from "club music", but BEAUTIFUL, incredibly well produced MUSIC! i'd have to call myself one of the people disappointed by their more recent releases, however... and so i'm very happy to see this new collection of old works done between 1991 and 2002, which is absolutely the years of their best work, in my opinion. i just downloaded the collection, a bunch of which i already have, but am very excited to hear it (again and anew).

- PJ Harvey, Let England Shake: released today! what a day to celebrate (heehee, if you don't get that joke, don't worry). PJ Harvey is a very odd bird, no two ways. i have no idea what to expect from this one, and i've been cautious not to read reviews, or listen to the single... just stayed WAY out of this one. each release of hers seems to have little bearing on the next, some are more stellar than others, but all are original and all are unforgettably full of the beautiful little wonder we all have grown to love in Polly Jean Harvey. i just dropped this album onto my MP3 player, and i'm wondering who is going to get the first listen... pj or ae?

- Radiohead, King of Limbs: this saturday, it's out. how ANYONE doesn't have a sincere, real opinion, like it or not, about radiohead is beyond me. no single band, in my opinion, has done more to progress modern music than radiohead. what are they these days? electronic? band? insane? yes! yes to all, and all that and then some. i'd heard rumblings of this album coming out, but, WAMMO, here it is, out of the blue, and, yup, i've pre-ordered. no idea what to expect... but here is a band that hasn't produced a SINGLE album that i don't love like my own family... needless to say, i'm feeling pretty happy to hear what's in store.

WHEW! a lot to listen to this month!!! and months and months of inspiration are sure to follow... how would that be for you? some new innerfuze influenced by a blend of seefeel, ae, pj and radiohead? i'll take it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

help the zebbler encanti experience go on tour!!!

please help my very close friends and one of the absolute BEST electronic music acts around go on tour with EOTO.  more information here:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dear somerville

here's an idea...

since your tow trucks seem to magically always make it to the scene before your snow plows...  why don't you put snow plows on your tow truck!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good intentions

While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm pretty sure if you buy new reusable bags every time you go to whole foods, you're kind of missing the point.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you don't do yoga in your yoga pants, then, really, we're just talking about sweat pants, right?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the training begin

A few years ago I had the wonderful privilege of having my biggest rival, best training partner (and a great friend) living nearby. The competition between us got so out if control that even something as simple as drinking a beverage became a contest. It was all in good fun though, we never traded barbed words, got upset or any of that boring stuff, we just constantly PUSHED one another.

So, I was ALWAYS in shape, because we were always working out, whether there was a race or not.

He and his wife (another great athlete and friend) have since moved away (to Syracuse nonetheless), and I must admit, after they left, my workout frequency plummeted.

As a yearly tradition Chad (training partner), Todd (who, along with his wife, are two of my closest friends in the area.... Oh, and he's Chad's older brother) and I go for a backpacking adventure at some mountainous location. While I'm used to looking at both of their heels on the trail (Chad being of the grip it and rip it mindset and Todd doing some magical kind of Yoga to keep his hiking base strong) we usually hit the key views and campsites relatively close together.

This past year's trip, however, was different. Too many hours in the studio, too many days between training rides and runs... I thought I was in shape because I was thinner than I'd been in a while. I was sorely wrong.

I've lost a couple of bets to Chad, less for things of a competitive nature and more for my own stupidity.... But, as I lagged behind on the trail, I vowed not just to get my fitness up, but to get back in race shape.

Well wouldn't you know it, but Chad was up for an all or nothing bet.

So, here it is: we race sometime in the upcoming season (a triathlon, of course). If I win, we're even. If he wins... Well, I owe him some loot cakes.

I've piddled around with runs here and there, a few rides when it was warmer out. I am fit enough to complete a race but NO WHERE near race shape.

I spent Christmas week running on the beach in Florida. Kind of nice to kick off a training program in the warmer weather, but more important to me was the sand. After reading Born to Run (great book) and various other research, I got very into the idea of barefoot running. More natural, less injuries... The virtues are too many to name.

With that technique (too cold to go without shoes in Boston though) I've had two good 6.5 mile runs this week. The run really is my only hope. Chad is an excellent swimmer, way out of my league, and, while I used to be able to keep up with him on the bike, I'd guess there isn't enough time to get back to that level.

So there it is! Let the training begin. And, Chad, you'd better keep an eye over your shoulder.