Sunday, March 29, 2009

chilling too late...

what ABOUT bed? eh... not tonight.

working on two new ones. that brings the total of new tracks up to 9 for "real" tracks", and 18 for total new ones.

need to get some feedback on these songs... but i just keep tweaking.

started listening to last step a bit... and christ. not bad... not inspiring, but definitely some good listening. also, the national and future kings of england. very good stuff. i got one of the national's older albums (alligator), more raw and crazy... but i love it still.

my taxes or done... my headphones are on, all is good in the world tonight.

does anyone else listen to music out there? how about some more suggestions!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just when you thought it was safe

in my previous post i indicated very few electronic artists in my currently listening description...

well, guess what...

new chris clark is blowing my mind to bits. so incredible.
new syntheme, even though i don't wish to hear the EP tracks again, is acid-incredible.
and, i finally caved and bought venetian snares "my downfall". DAMN. incredible.

so there! some great stuff...

now i should check if echospace has any new stuff out love. gotta love that dub-techno.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


hi all... damn, it's been nuts lately!

been working away in the studio... i have about 6 tracks nearing completion. i will post some soon for listening...

the website hasn't gotten much attention unfortunately. sorry about that. will soon put some work into making that website a real home for my music...

listening lately has been great. not a whole lot of electronic music catching my ear these days, but surely the stuff i've been listening to has been keeping my ears clean so i can produce (hopefully you think the same after hearing my newest material). anyway, the national's album "the boxer" is just phenomenal. animal collective's new album is a must have. fink is my greatest find in a LONG time, and i've been listening to his entire catalog. a bit disappointed with south's new release.... and the music haven't impressed me in a while, much is the same with their new release. "the left side" is a decent song, however. found a bunch of rare verve tracks as well... and have been listening to clark, wisp and some great productions by wagawaga lately.

hope all is well out there in the world and keep your eyes out for my latest work if you're interested...