Tuesday, June 21, 2011

who do you make music for?

it's been a long while since i wrote music in earnest.

i've had so much on my mind, primary trying to learn everything i can about the new man i am to become any day now: dad.

yes, it's weeks, maybe just days away at this point; the birth of my beautiful son.

you can forgive me for not making music for the past few months in preparation, i'm sure....  but, trust me, i've so deeply longed for the release of writing a song it has been hard to fathom not doing so.  i just plain haven't had the time, being so occupied with what is the most important event of my life so far (and possible at all!).

but tonight, maybe the calm before the storm, things sort of settled down.  i had a few moments to myself, and before you know it, i was at the keyboard, writing away.

in my mind, i was picturing my son on my lap, my life to be.  loving this little being so much, trying so hard to write something that won't hurt his ears, will make him smile, make him feel the love i have for him; just make him feel ANYTHING...  i've written a lot of tunes in my days, but no pleasure has come close to the pleasure of writing like this.

i don't know what it will sound like to you (and i will share it, letting you know when i do), but i really love it... i just love this process, this feeling.

i have a inkling it's going to be the most beautiful period of music writing ever for innerfuze, or eric, or whomever i become during the newest stage of my life...

primarily, dad!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Snake Charmer

my third day on the job;
a snake charmer with no charm.
swollen snake bites up and down
my now cartoonish looking arm.