Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a quick journey through the mind, or is it an escape?

a new WIP for me.  i was flying on an airplane with my new machine and setup, and this started to come together.  its really only the 4th attempt and getting anything down this year, which is a shame.  this is a first take...  meaning, 1 session, 1 mixdown.  its no song, just a sketch really, but honestly, i kind of like it!!!  takes a bit or so to get moving, but once it does, there is something nice there; at least for me.

Click the following link to hear: jocheA (new WIP)

not sure how many songs i'll be finishing in the near future... but would love to hear any comments (either personally or publicly).  maybe those comments will inspire me to finish something up!!

will post a couple more at some point...  hope everyone is well and enjoying this one life.