Sunday, June 7, 2009

ableton LIVE

i've been working on my live set (with the help of the amazing encanti ). if i am going to make tunes and tunes that i hope will sell, it's time to start playing live, promoting the tunes, the label and myself. plus, hey, how fun!

ableton is the program i am using... not a tradition dj setup, i realize, no records to be found... however, THIS is the wave of the future. musicians have been playing their live sets with ableton for quite some time now... it's nothing new. BUT, more and more venues are accepting so-called "laptop djs".

i am a laptop dj. i use ableton and a MIDI control, one which looks like a traditional hardware mixer with a crossfader, knobs and buttons. the difference is, i can program each of this things to perform specific functions for me within ableton. that means i can use my crossfader as a traditional cross fader between a and b audio channels... but also that i can map in effects, eq's, pretty much anything i want and control them via this MIDI controller.

it's quite incredible. i am working hard on getting it all right, but be on the lookout... hopefully i'll be playing at a venue (somewhere?) near you soon.


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